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Hi my name is Paul and welcome to my site. Natureflicks has been set up by myself to share the wonder of nature in the UK with others. For my photography I use a canon camera and a selection of canon and sigma lenses, and have been self teaching myself the art over the last three years. I employ my lifelong love of nature and the great outdoors to help myself get into some good positions to take my pictures, and hope that some of the subjects essence is conveyed to you.

This site carries images of UK wildlife and nature, including photos of mammals, birds, insects, places and more.

Besides my love of nature my other passion in life is dogs. I am a qualified and experienced canine behaviourist and my website is a comprehensive dog advice website, have a look after looking at my images if you like.

I hope you enjoy the images nearly as much as I did taking them. The above picture is me and Buster my last dog, aged 8weeks. I lost him recently to cancer, aged twelve, he accompanied me on all my photography trips, what a great, lovely dog he was.